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Product Introduction

Advanced design concept Excellent raw material selection Standard production process

Founded in 2009, Beijing Integrated BioSystems Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the main platform of 'three cities and one District', the national Science and Technology innovation center of Beijing, and participates in the planning and layout of related industries as the core enterprise of gene technology innovation center in biomedicine sector of the development Zone.

Integrated BioSystems Co., Ltd. is established by scientific and technological talents from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 50% of the technical team members have master's degree or doctor's degree. The team leaders have been awarded the new innovation project of the Development Zone as well as the Kirin talent commendation.

Companies with advanced life sciences and medical diagnosis technology and equipment research and development, production, sales and service as the main business, including emphasis focused on portable nucleic acids detection equipment, practical POCT, gene sequencing technology and equipment, and the corresponding auxiliary reagent for products such as original innovative research and development and industrialization, makes every effort to meet the precision medical and scene change detection, and other areas of the market to the localization of the urgent need of technical equipment. Currently, zhongkeshengyi's product line under development includes: on-site nucleic acid extraction and quantitative PCR integration system; Handheld isothermal nucleic acid amplification system; Digital PCR system; Hand-held array sensor electronic nose system; Hand-held high-precision lung function detection system; High throughput semiconductor gene sequencing system, etc.