Acme Portability

1 kg 22cm*16cm*11cm


LOD 100 copies Specimens: Swab/body fluid Fully preset reagent microfluidic chip

Rapid Detection

Sample-in -> Answer-out 40min

Application Scenarios

Surveillance and rapid detection of epidemic outbreaks

Prevent and control infectious diseases in major mass activities

On-site inspection at the traffic port

Customs Inspection and Quarantine

Epidemic prevention and control, such as community, school, military

Food safety

medical care system of pathogene control

Medical institutions of bedside diagnosis (POCT)

Palm Lab Single press to run Portable nucleic acid test

The carryon1000Q is a real palmlab because it is small, portable, easy to operate, and provides results in 40 minutes, which enables the relevant personnel to make fast and accurate tests and realize on-time inspection.

Small fuselage, Big as; Sample in, Result out;